Watch: Man in Texas Destroys Ted Cruz Yard Signs – Rips Them up and Screams ‘I Hate Ted Cruz’

October 18, 2018Oct 18, 2018

A vandal in Texas was caught on camera tearing up campaign signs all while screaming “I hate Ted Cruz!” in a Huston neighborhood. A pro-Cruz resident of the neighborhood confronted the man and recorded all on video.

At first, the vandal was calm at the start of the video, saying “I’m just going to take [the signs] down.” But things quickly went downhill from there.

Alfredo Ramos, the pro-Cruz neighborhood resident, posted the video of his encounter with the vandal on Twitter.

(Warning: contains strong language)

According to Ramos, the whole incident started after the man cheered on a homeless person for tearing down a sign and then “threw a small American flag” onto the street.

"As I went to reinstall the sign and flag, the guy decided to walk across the street from our local coffee shop to initiate the confrontation," said Ramos. "This culture of intolerance and behavior of aggressive confrontation is getting out of hand. What I want to remind people is that your vote is your voice. No need to go nuts."

The vandal went across the street to take down a neighbor’s sign as well, despite Ramos’ warnings that the neighbor was a “gun owner.”

“Oh. I’m a gun owner, too,” the man replied. “If you guys shoot me over that, that would be great. That would be really, like – an appropriate response.”

“You know, I have about a hundred of these,” Ramos responded. “I’m about to put more out.” “Well, alright,” said the vandal as he tore up more signs. “I’ll feel better about them.”

Then he went full crazy and began screaming “I hate Ted Cruz! I hate Ted Cruz! I hate Ted Cruz!"

The confrontation continued at a nearby coffee shop, where Ramos said he had lived there for fifteen years and never seen anything like that.

The man fired back saying that Ramos didn’t belong here since he had lived there longer.

“I tore up his Ted Cruz signs, ‘cuz I’ve lived here for 26 years, grew up here, you moved here; you moved to Montrose,” the man said. “You’re not from Montrose. Ted Cruz does not belong in f---ing Montrose. Go to the Woodlands.”

According to Texas state law, stealing, defacing or destroying any campaign sign on private property is prohibited. Violators can be punished with a fine up to $2,500 a year, a year in jail, or both.

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