Watch: Mark Dice Creates Ode to Acosta’s Career as Journalists Mull a Boycott of Trump

November 09, 2018Nov 09, 2018

The dismissal CNN’s Jim Acosta from the White House on Wednesday drew little sympathy from conservatives who were exasperated by his consistently unprofessional behavior toward President Trump and other press conference reporters.

Media analyst Mark Dice is one of them, and on Friday he compiled an ode to Acosta’s self-imploded career as CNN’s chief White House correspondent. From the time Acosta got first called “fake news” by President-elect Trump before his inauguration to his manhandling of a female staffer who was trying to retrieve the White House’s microphone from him, Dice’s montage shows a pattern of Acosta’s behavior that looks more consistent with a left-wing protester than an objective journalist.

Clearly apparent is Acosta’s tendency insert himself into the story — rather than just reporting on it — by making demands of the president, telling the president he’s wrong, and insisting the president change what he’s saying, all during Trump’s press conferences.

He also tended to do at the top of his lungs and after he was supposed to give the next reporter a chance to ask questions.

That behavior came to a head during Trump’s post-election press conference on Wednesday when Acosta started acting like a prosecutor, throwing accusations at the president in the form of thinly veiled questions. After the president answered his questions and tried to move on to the next reporter, Acosta continued to hog the microphone and fought with a White House intern over it. When he finally gave it up, and the next reporter started to speak, Acosta stood back up and continued to yell at Trump. His White House press pass was pulled later that evening.

Take a look at what Dice created:

Since that last incident, Acosta — and CNN leadership — continue to insist that Trump has no regard for the freedom of the press, even though, as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pointed out, the president was “taking 68 questions from 35 reporters over the course of 1.5 hours including several from the reporter in question [Acosta].”

But other mainstream media journalists have rallied around Acosta, and the Washington Post even tried to get away with saying that he simply resisted the female intern “by raising his arm,” even though he made a downward motion, shoving her arm down with his hand.

The Post also suggested the possibility of all the journalists at a White House press conference getting up and walking out together.

“Should U.S. correspondents go down the path of their foreign colleagues and boycott briefings?” asked the Post’s foreign affairs reporter, Rick Noack.

Such a boycott seems doomed to failure, though, considering that not all the news outlets invited to cover White House press briefings are left-leaning. And with social media networks and live video coverage, the American public doesn’t have to rely on Acosta to know what’s going on.

“Journalists are supposed to be observers of and not stakeholders in the events they cover,” Noack admitted before adding, “many of them have wondered at what point it is justified to put down the pen and speak up.”

Speaking up and injecting their opinion, though, is exactly what the mainstream media has been doing for quite a while now.

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