WATCH: Meghan McCain Leaves Ex-FBI Deputy McCabe Stunned on ‘The View’

February 19, 2019Feb 19, 2019

Co-host Meghan McCain tore into fired ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Tuesday’s edition of “The View,” questioning his honesty on matters relating to President Donald Trump.

“I don’t believe you’re a reliable narrator. And I’m not convinced this isn’t just some kind of PR campaign to stop yourself from getting indicted,” McCain said.

McCabe looked visibly surprised by her candor.

McCain then challenged McCabe to assure the American people that he was never a source for the New York Times or any other publication.

“Basically, were you ever a leaker to the New York Times?” McCain asked.

“Absolutely not, no,” McCabe responded. “Not in any time, ever.”

Refusing to let him off the hook, McCain then asked the burning question on everyone’s minds:

“Then why did James Comey deny the claim that he approved your leaks to the press?”

“I don’t know why Jim Comey doesn’t remember the conversations that we had in the same way that I do,” McCabe said.

The fired FBI official then claimed “stress” may have resulted in Comey forgetting that he approved his leaks to the press.

Watch the segment below:

However, even far-left Joy Behar seemed skeptical.

“I thought you guys wrote everything down?” Behar asked.

“We wrote things down when we were dealing with people we didn’t trust,” McCabe said.

“Like the president,” Behar shot back.”

“Exactly,” McCabe responded.

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