Watch: Nancy Pelosi's Face Spasms When She Says ‘Constitution’

July 25, 2018Jul 25, 2018

The liberals have been in a constant battle against the Constitution and now we might know why–it might be hazardous to their health!

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who has had her troubles speaking lately, seemed to suffer from some sort of unconscious reaction when she said the word “Constitution.”

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

“Our oath to protect and defend our country from all en... and our [face spasm] Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic,” she said, struggling to even get the word out.

Pelosi then demanded that Trump “stand up to Putin for his depa... attacks…,” unable to even comprehend what she herself was saying.

“It’s a danger this president is propo... uh, putting forth,” she said, unsure what to say. She even paused before saying “intelligence,” perhaps a sign that it is something she is lacking.

Pelosi also had a hard time with geography, stating that Trump’s summit in Helsinki was a failure compared to other meetings since it “was about the economy in eastern.... in, um, in, in, in Europe…”

This mental meltdown in front of cameras is a growing trend with Pelosi. While speaking to the House Intelligence Committee, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi seemed to be suffering from something that caused her face to spasm and to slur her words.

Watch her struggle to speak coherently again in the video below.

“I’m very honored to stand, um, before members of the House Intelligence Committee,” said Pelosi, suffering a face spasm. “We also want to protect, we also want to protect the Mu— the integrity of the Mueller investigation,” she said.

She even couldn’t remember the names of her colleagues. “Early on, the leadership of Congressman Early, um, Eric Swalwell,” she said.

She had a hard time putting together sentences too. “So I knew the challenge that members face there. That’s why I had the puh...,” pausing, then continuing, “privilege…”

She even couldn’t remember what her title was, saying, “As Demo— Director of National Intelligence.”

What do you think was going on with Pelosi here? Is she suffering from some sort of undisclosed health condition?

Maybe that is the reason why many Democrats are distancing themselves from her. She must not have much longer in office.

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