Watch: AOC STUNNED That Food Comes From Plants that Grow in Soil: ‘It’s Magic’

May 01, 2019May 01, 2019

A common complaint by the older generation is that kids these days don’t know where their food comes from.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who thinks her Green New Deal is the only thing that will save us from total destruction in 12 years, illustrated that on Tuesday with her astonishment at seeing food growing from plants in the soil.

“Oh, my god, you guys,” she told her social media followers in a video. “I just checked on my community garden slot, and I was so nervous because I was in New York for two weeks in recess.”

“Oh, my god, look at this!” she exclaimed loudly as she pointed her camera at her tiny garden slot full of growing plants. “Look at the collard greens. They’re HUGE!”

“Oh, my god, I’m going to have to trim all of these back for smoothies!” Ocasio-Cortez said excitedly between huge gasps.

“I am shook,” she said as she zoomed in dramatically on one plant.

“Look, like, honestly. Gardening. Food that comes out of dirt. Like, it’s magic!” proclaimed the woman who claims that science supports the need for her drastic, nation-altering plans — like getting rid of cows and airplanes and renovating and rebuilding every building in America to make it more green — in order to prevent humanity’s extinction in just over a decade.

“This is so exciting!”

In other news, Ocasio-Cortez took a swipe at Chase Bank as well on Tuesday after the company was lambasted for promoting thriftiness so that people could save up more money in their accounts.

The young congresswoman, whose Green New Deal would cost an estimated $93 million over the next decade to implement, scoffed at the idea of saving money by being careful with everyday purchases.

Finding the money to pay for her programs, just like planting seeds and having them grow into food, isn’t magic either. It doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere.

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