Watch: Pelosi has a Jeb! Moment, Asks Audience to Please Clap During Her Speech

March 27, 2019Mar 27, 2019

Back during Jeb Bush’s lackluster presidential campaign, he had one defining moment that helped hammer the nails into the coffin of his 2016 run: He begged his audience to clap.

The former Florida governor was telling his audience that he wanted a “quieter” approach to using the U.S. military than his contender, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. But Republicans didn’t seem to be looking for a softer approach to dealing with those threatening America.

“I think the next president needs to be a lot quieter but send a signal that we’re prepared to act in the national security interests of this country, to get it back in the business of creating a more peaceful world,” Bush said.

He paused for a moment as the room fell into silence. Then with a sad, exhausted expression, he begged them: “Please clap.”

The audience laughed and obliged. Relive that moment by watching it below:

Something similar happened to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday. Surrounded by Democrats, she was hosting a press conference to unveil the “Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions & Making Health Care More Affordable Act,” according to CNS News.

“Today, under the leadership of our three distinguished chairmen — Mr. Pallone of Energy and Commerce, Mr. Scott of Education and Labor, and Mr. Neal of Ways and Means Committee, the three committees of jurisdiction — we’re going forward with the ‘Protecting Pre-existing Conditions and Making Health Care More Affordable Act,’” she said during a rambling speech where she tripped over her words multiple times.

Pelosi paused, then noticed no reaction from the crowd.

“That’s a line for applause!” she told them.

The audience obliged and clapped while the Democrats standing right behind her chuckled wrly.

“They and other members, and members of our freshman class will be speaking more to the particulars of the legislation, but suffice to say it lowers health care insurance premiums, stops junk plans, strengthens protections for pre-existing conditions and reverses the GOP health care sabotage,” she continued after the forced applause.

She added: “Protecting and strengthening health care is why Democrats are here. On day one, the first day, as we were sworn in the 116th Congress, the House voted to intervene against Republicans’ monstrous health care lawsuit.”

Her audience just didn't seem too enthusiastic with it all.

Watch that moment in the speech below (skip ahead to 1 minute, 14 seconds):

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