WATCH: Pelosi Slurs Words, Goes Blank in Unhinged Rant Against AG Barr

May 02, 2019May 02, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) went on an unhinged rant against Attorney General William Barr, just stopping short of saying he should be arrested for “lying” to Congress.

At several points during Pelosi’s ranting, she slurred words and her mind appeared to randomly go blank at times.

“As you probably know on the articles of impeachment for President Nixon, uh, was, ah the article three was that he ignored the subpoenas, un, of Congress that he did not honor the subpoenas of Congress,” Pelosi said.

She continued: “This is very, very serious. But my judgment will spring from our committee chairs.”

When asked if Barr broke the law and should be jailed, Pelosi stuttered severely.

“There is a process involved here,” Pelosi said. “The committee will act upon how we will proceed.

Watch the full press conference below:

Democrats have grown increasingly desperate after the Mueller report exonerated President Donald Trump of "collusion" with Russia. They have now set their sights on Barr as their latest "villain."

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders made it clear that Democrats are simply embarrassing themselves with baseless attacks on the attorney general.

"AG Bill Barr served President George H.W. Bush honorably as AG and has done the same for President Trump. Democrats only disgrace and humiliate themselves with their baseless attacks on such a fine public servant," she tweeted.


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