Watch: Smollett’s Attorney Suggests Brothers Wore ‘Whiteface,’ Trump Weighs In

March 28, 2019Mar 28, 2019

Jussie Smollett’s legal team is back to throwing the Osundairo brothers under the bus after all 16 felony charges against the former “Empire” star were dropped.

The prosecutor in the case, Joe Magats, has fully admitted that he believes Smollett is guilty of lying to police about an alleged attack by two racist, anti-gay men yelling a pro-President Trump slogan. Magats, however, stands by his decision to drop the charges. Police believe Smollett faked the attack, and the two attackers involved — the Osundairo brothers — have confessed to helping Smollett fake the attack but say the actor asked them to.

Smollett’s attorneys still insist their client is completely innocent and have demanded that investigators focus on the brothers. On Thursday, Tina Glandian started to spin a wild theory about how the brothers pulled off their attack.

Glandian was asked by NBC’s Savannah Guthrie why Smollett described his masked attackers as white — based on the skin he could see through their eyeholes — when the Osundairo brothers are black Nigerians.

“Obviously you can disguise that [dark skin],” she replied. “You can put makeup on.”

Then she continued: “There is actually, interestingly enough, a video. I think the police did minimal investigation in this case. It took me all of five minutes to google...I was looking up the brothers, and one of the first videos that showed up was one of the brothers in whiteface doing a Joker monologue.”

“So it’s not implausible.”

Guthrie asked Glandian why Smollett didn’t recognize the voices of the brothers, who are his personal trainers, especially after phone records show he had just talked on the phone with one of them.

“Well, people say this as if this is a regular interaction. If you’re walking in the street and someone screams and you turn around, and before you can even process what they look like, you’ve been punched in the face. And now the next thing you’re on the floor, you’re being kicked,” she explained, even though that wasn’t Smollett’s description of what happened.

“This is a very brief interaction, all of 30 to 45 seconds with your head being thrown around by punches,” Glandian continued. “This isn’t someone who’s digesting what’s happening. There’s excitement and fear and all of these things happening.”

In an interview with George Stephanopolous on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Glandian cast suspicion on the Osundairo brothers as the ones who wrote the threatening letter sent to Smollett eight days before the attack. Police believe Smollett sent the letter to himself, which could lead to a set of federal charges. That investigation is ongoing.

CNN’s Don Lemon questioned another Smollett attorney, Patricia Browne Holmes, on Tuesday about what motive the Osundairo brothers could possibly have if they indeed perpetrate this attack without Smollett’s permission.

Holmes admitted she had “no idea” what the brothers’ motive could be for yelling racist, anti-gay slurs at Smollett and pretending to be Trump supporters, especially when one of them was friends with Smollett.

Maintaining her client’s innocence, she said, “It doesn’t make sense that Jussie has to be the one to come up with an answer to why someone attacked him.”

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice and the FBI have responded to the Chicago Police union’s request to investigate Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx and her office after their inexplicable decision to drop all the charges.

Trump announced the investigation on Twitter Thursday, calling the prosecutor’s decision “an embarrassment to our nation.”

Watch Guthrie’s full interview with Glandian below, as well as Glandian’s answer to whether or not Smollett will press charges against the Osundairo brothers:

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