Watch: Students Are Asked Who They Trust More, Trump or Communists

June 12, 2019Jun 12, 2019

“You can trust the communists,” author Fred Schwarz once said in the title of a book.

“To be communist,” he added.

But that’s not a sentiment shared by many liberal college students these days. In fact, their knowledge level of communism seems to indicate they’re being taught very little about it.

Conservative college watchdog group Campus Reform discovered that when they asked students who they trusted more: China or President Trump?

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips approached a number of students at the University of Maryland and told them about how the CIA had deemed a number of “cultural exchange” centers on college campuses to be possible “spying centers.”

Why? Because the Confucius Institute centers are funded by the Chinese government, and the CIA believes they may be being used to spread propaganda. The Chinese government claims they’re not.

“Who would you be more inclined to trust, the Trump administration or the Chinese government?” Phillips asked a male student.

“The Chinese government,” he replied without hesitation.

“Um, in this situation, probably the Chinese government,” a female student agreed.

“I don’t know anything about...enough about the Chinese government to know if they have a reputation for honesty or dishonesty, but I know enough about Trump to know he definitely has a reputation for dishonesty, so I wouldn’t trust him,” another female student said, admitting her ignorance about how things work in an authoritarian state. “I think I would do independent research on my own.”

“The Trump administration is very anti-intellectual, very anti-university, like calling them liberal propaganda machines,” a third female student said, not realizing how little intellectualism is valued in a communist state. “So it’s not only a racist attack against Chinese people, but it’s also an anti-intellectual attack.”

“I want to support our president, obviously. He’s the leader of our country,” said one young man before doing the exact opposite. “But I guess I side with the Chinese in that I don’t think it’s [the communist-funded cultural exchange] propaganda.”

Then Phillips revealed to the students that, “The Chinese government currently has about 2 million people in prison camps, and many of them Muslims, simply for their faith. So how can you trust the Chinese government given the fact that they do that to their own people.”

Watch their very awkward responses below:

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