Watch: Students Horrified When Shown Videos of Biden Invading Personal Space

April 30, 2019Apr 30, 2019

Now that former vice president Joe Biden is officially running for president, it’s given the nation even more reason to discuss his documented behavior toward women and young girls.

But some young people aren’t entirely aware yet just how “handsy” he can be.

Conservative college watchdog group Campus Reform recently traveled to the University of Iowa to show students a video montage of Biden touching women and girls in ways that many people have already found very uncomfortable to watch. The man-on-the-street interviews were shot shortly before Biden declared his candidacy.

“Ew!” said one young woman as she watched Biden kissing a girl on her head as she appeared to shy away. “Oh, my.”

“That’s really creepy,” her friend added. “I don’t know how you wouldn’t notice that you’re doing that and, like, being creepy toward someone.”

“He’s very close to them,” said another female student as she saw clips of Biden kissing a woman on the head and placing his hands around a girl’s waist. “Oh, my gosh.”

“That’s really weird. What’s he doing?” a male student asked as Biden placed his hands far above a girl’s waist.


“And even, like, everyone else, you can tell that they’re kind of uncomfortable with the way he acts,” another young man said as he watched the former vice president run both hands down the sides of a little girl’s hair and kiss the top of her head.

“Ya, that’s definitely, like, very excessive,” said one female student. “There’s no need to be grabbing at people like that.”

“I’d say it’s a little on the strange side,” a young man commented. “They’ve got a lot of different clips there, which obviously doesn’t look very good for Joe Biden. Stuff like this could definitely have an impact on the presidential election.”

“Definitely creepy. Various ages of women, too,” a young woman observed. “Very wrong. That should not be a thing.”

“I do think that it’s probably something people are going to think about, just with, like, everything that’s been going on with #MeToo movement,” a female student predicted.

Another woman called it a “game changer” for Biden’s chances at securing the Democratic nomination.

“If your professor did this to you in class, what would your reaction be?” Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips asked a female student.

“Holy [expletive], I need to leave,” she replied.

Watch the students’ reactions below (PARENTAL WARNING: One swear word at the 2:52 mark):

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