Watch: That Time NBC Had an Actress Wear ‘Blackface’ in a TV Episode with Oprah

November 02, 2018Nov 02, 2018

In the wake of Megyn Kelly having her NBC show canceled following remarks she made asking if it really is racist for a white person to use blackface in order to dress up as and honor a black hero, video clips from the recent past are emerging showing how often the network itself has used blackface for comedy.

Kelly apologized for her remarks after she was heavily criticized for suggesting it’s ever OK for a white person to darken their skin, but she still lost her show.

Now a “blackface” episode from NBC’s popular “30 Rock” show has emerged, and it’s leading people to criticize the network and its liberal actors for being inconsistent.

In an episode entitled “Believe in the Stars,” featuring Oprah Winfrey, the lead characters comedically used blackface and whiteface to have a very open discussion on racism in America. Ten years later, NBC showed absolute horror at the open discussion Kelly had in her show with other panelists about whether or not Halloween can be the one day of the year when Americans can be free of political correctness as they dress up in bizarre costumes.

See that “30 Rock” episode below:

People have also pointed out that just last year, black NBC anchor Lester Holt used whiteface to dress up as white singing sensation Susan Boyle, the New York Post’s Page Six reported.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson noted this week that Holt “changed his appearance in a way that is now very controversial. He wore that costume for a Halloween episode of the 'Today' show, Megyn Kelly of course was just fired for suggesting that it wasn't always bad to dress up as a member of an opposite race," according to the Daily Wire.

And just recently, NBC’s late-night comedian Jimmy Fallon did a mocking impression of comedian Chris Rock after showing an old clip of himself wearing blackface to mock Rock in the past. NBC didn’t appear to have a problem with that, although the audience seemed really uncomfortable with it.

All this has led to accusations that NBC is using up more than their share of double standards and feigned outrage.

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