Watch: The Pilgrims Tried Socialism, and It Almost Wiped Them out of Existence

November 21, 2018Nov 21, 2018

Socialism is quickly growing in popularity in America with openly socialist political candidates like incoming congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders winning seats of power.

Those who are open to socialism insist that it just needs to be tried properly for everyone to see how superior it is to capitalism. But socialism was tried in the early days of American history, and its willing participants found themselves so impoverished they were reduced to eating shoelaces to survive.

The day before Thanksgiving last year, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh explained that most people learn that “Thanksgiving was the Pilgrims inviting the Indians over for dinner to thank the Indians for saving them. But, ladies and gentlemen, it isn’t true.”

He went on to say that separatist leader William Bradford, who sailed on the Mayflower, set up a socialist contract that put “everything the Pilgrims produced into a common store, a single bank account. And each member of the community was entitled to an equal share of the gross.”

“Nobody owned anything,” Rush continued. “Everything was owned by the community, everybody equal share to all of it. They were going to distribute it equally. Everybody would get the same, everybody would be the same. All the land they cleared, the houses they built, belonged to the community.”

But then problems began to arise in the socialist commune.

“Since everybody got an equal share no matter what, there were some lazy sloths,” Rush said. “Some of the original Pilgrims, some of their offspring just sat around and did nothing all day while the others picked up the slack.”

Bradford, understanding his colony was on the brink of disaster, tore up the contract and created “a new community based on what we would call capitalism today. The more you produce, the more you got to keep. The harder you work, the greater were the fruits of your labors.”

The new system turned the colony around, and with the help of the native Americans who taught them how to farm the New World, the Pilgrims became prosperous enough to invite the natives to the first Thanksgiving meal so they could share their bounty and give thanks to God for sparing them.

In a video created by Prager University, history professor Larry Schweikart of the University of Dayton explained that starvation had become so serious among those in the Jamestown colony, which practiced a similar form of socialism several years earlier, that they were “reduced to eating shoelaces and rats.”

After half the population of Jamestown died of starvation, Captain John Smith “took control of the colony and scrapped the socialist model and established a system of private property ownership for each colonist to enjoy the fruits of their own labor.

“He who won’t work won’t eat,” Smith declared, borrowing a concept from the Bible and saving the colony.

He had learned, as Schweikart put it, that “When everyone is entitled to everything, nobody is responsible for anything.”

Watch the 5-minute Prager University video below to learn more:

In a couple of recent interviews, socialist Ocasio-Cortez tried to explain to the media how exactly America can pay for the free health care and education for all entitlement programs she’s pushing for. Her answers to CNN’s Jake Tapper and Univision’s Jorge Ramos are astounding.

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