Watch: Trump Lays Out His Plan To Make America Great Again Decades Ago

June 26, 2018Jun 26, 2018

One of the Trump administration’s main goals during his presidency is to make America’s foreign trade deals fair and to balance the current trade deficit that it faces.

Donald Trump Jr. came across an old clip of his father being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey decades ago and shared it on Twitter. In the video, Oprah asks Trump about what changes he would make to our foreign policy and his answer will sound very familiar.

Trump’s answer to the question was the following:

“I’d make our allies pay their fair share. We’re a debtor nation. Something is going to happen over the next couple of years to this nation because you can’t keep going losing $200 billion and yet we let Japan come in and dump everything into our markets. It’s not free trade.

“If you ever go to Japan right now and try to sell something, just forget about it. Forget about it, Oprah. It’s almost impossible. They don’t have laws against it, they just make it impossible. The come over here they sell their cars, their VCRs, they knock the hell out of our companies and hey, I have tremendous respect for the Japanese people. I mean, you can respect someone that is beating the hell out of you, and they are beating the hell out of this country.

“Kuwait, they live like kings! The poorest person in Kuwait, they live like kings. And yet they’re not paying! We make it possible for them to sell their oil. Why aren’t they paying us 25 percent of what they’re making? It’s a joke.

“...I do get tired of seeing what’s happening with this country, and if it got so bad, I would never rule [running for president] out totally because I really am tired of seeing what’s happening to this country, how we’re really making other countries live like kings and we’re not.”

Sound familiar?

“Very proud to have a president do what he said he was going to do. For decades now Donald Trump has been signaling the alarm against the hollowing out of America,” said Donald Trump Jr.

“Other countries have been “dumping” and screwing over America for too long,” he continued. “Time to get tough!”

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