WATCH: Trump Trolls Beto O’Rourke’s Counter-Rally in Texas in Epic Fashion

February 12, 2019Feb 12, 2019

President Donald Trump’s campaign trolled failed Democratic Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke in epic fashion on Monday night, playing Trump’s rally on a big screen behind his counter-rally in El Paso, Texas.

Watch the screen behind Beto closely — you will see President Trump hitting the stage at his own rally.

Trump’s massive rally overshadowed Beto’s in almost every way.

The music at Trump’s rally could be heard at the Beto rally, over a quarter-mile away.

The difference in crowd size was stark.

Seriously, the crowd was massive. This is just a shot of the overflow crowd in El Paso:

Trump’s rally was so “high-energy,” that you could apparently hear the cheers all the way at Beto’s rally, forcing him to pause to wait for the noise to die down.

Trump torched Democrats and their extreme policies on issues like immigration and abortion.

Referring to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, Trump blasted the embattled Democrat for supporting what amounts to infanticide.

“The governor stated that he would even allow a newborn baby to come out into the world and wrap the baby and make the baby comfortable,” Trump said. “And then talk to the mother. And talk to the father and then execute the baby. Execute the baby!"

Watch the video below:

A lot of Democrats are pinning all of their hopes on Beto running for president against Trump in 2020. If these rallies are any indication, the Left is going to be very disappointed with the results.

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