Watch: Washington Post Claims No 10-Foot Wall Around Obama Mansion, But Here’s the Truth

January 04, 2019Jan 04, 2019

President Trump caught a lot of attention when he took a jab at the Obamas and Democrats recently, pointing out that a border wall shouldn’t seem like such a crazy idea for protecting America if our former president and his family use a wall to protect their own home.

“President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound. I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!” Trump tweeted.

The Washington Post then fact-checked the president’s tweet, concluding that he is completely wrong.

The Post wrote that the Obamas’ 8,200-square foot mansion isn’t “surrounded” by a wall, even though Trump didn’t use that word. Neighbors say the retaining wall that runs in front of the property is not ten feet tall and that it matches those of the other houses in the area.

But a photo the Post published shows a tall wall/fence around the side of Obama’s house, as well as a newly constructed guard building. Chain-link fencing was also added to the back of the property.

Benny Johnson of the Daily Caller decided to investigate for himself. He took a film crew with him as he tried to approach the Obamas’ house in Northwest D.C.

But he couldn’t even get close. Why? Barrier after barrier, as well as armed guards, kept him from getting within 1,000 feet of the house.

Large cement barriers, as well as steel fencing, were set up across both sides of the road leading past the Obama mansion. The gaps in the barriers were blocked by manned U.S. Secret Service vehicles that only moved aside to let authorized vehicles through.

Past one set of barriers, two more sets were offset from each other, forcing cars entering the street to weave around them rather than being able to plow right through if they did somehow make it past the Secret Service car.

“The point of today is not to invade the Obamas’ privacy,” Johnson assured. “We couldn’t even get close — multiple gates, multiple armed guards, multiple walls stopping us from even coming close.”

“We’re trying to simply demonstrate that if you want to protect your family and you want to protect the things that are dear to you, then security and walls do work,” he concluded. “And the former president is provided those things, and all American families should feel that secure as well inside of their own country.”

“Protect the things that you value.”

Watch his report below:

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