Watch What Happens When Fox News Host Eats Steak in Front of Ultra-Liberal Vegan Professor

August 08, 2018Aug 08, 2018

An interview with an ultra-liberal vegan professor who claimed that eating meat reinforces “toxic masculinity” flew off the rails when the interviewer started eating a giant steak right in front of her.

It all happened when Fox News host Jesse Watters was questioning sociology professor Dr. Anne DeLessio-Parson about her claim that it’s anti-feminist for men to eat meat because it reinforces gender stereotypes.

Asked how eating meat perpetuates the patriarchy, the feminist professor said “it’s really complicated” and appeared unwilling to try to simplify it even with four minutes in which to do so. But as she tried to explain that everything we eat, wear, and purchase are “fundamentally political acts,” a woman walked in and placed a plate with a large steak on it front in front of Watters.

“I’m having a steak right now because I’m starving,” the Fox News host told her.

“Perfect,” DeLessio-Parson replied. “I wish I could have half of that, but this doesn’t look vegan, and I’m trying to be vegan.”

As Watters chewed on a piece of medium-rare beef, the professor tried to explain to him that “it’s not fair” that he’s enjoying meat that he hasn’t hunted for himself.

Now here’s where the train really started leaving the tracks.

“That idea of killing and taking a life...we should really deeply consider what that means for us as human beings,” DeLessio-Parson said. “People have said you should judge a society by how it treats their animals.”

Not by how it treats its human beings?

“It’d be great if we had universal health care for our animals,” she said next.

“Universal health care for animals — that could be expensive,” Watters pointed out as he sliced another piece of steak. “We’re $20 trillion in debt.”

“We can afford it. Look, I have some money. I’ve got some money. I’ve got this nice mug,” the professor insisted.

“Do you care more about people or animals?” Watters asked her.

Unwilling to say either, DeLessio-Parson said she cared about the entire world and added, “We need to figure out how the 7.6 billion of us on this planet can be good neighbors, and we’re really bad at being good neighbors right now.”

“OK, so why should I be a good neighbor to a squirrel?” Watters asked as he took another bite.

“The squirrel is part of nature, right? If you keep killing nature, what’s going to happen to us?” she asked, adding, “Me, too. I still eat cheese a lot. We’re never going to be perfect at it.”

Eating cheese involves killing nature?

“But what if you’re just hungry and the animals are there for us to enjoy for dinner or for lunch?” Watters asked her.

“Because God says so?” DeLessio-Parson scoffed. “Did God tell you that?”

Actually, yes, in Acts 10:9-16. But Watters didn’t bring that up.

A moment later, the professor shifted to a class warfare tactic and told the Fox News host, “You clearly have some things around who you that protect you and especially a lot of financial resources to do things like buy really expensive steaks. So that’s also part of the problem. Some people are taking up more than their fair share of the plate.”

This was after she earlier said she had enough money to help fund universal animal health care.

“So rich people are stealing all the steak from the poor people,” Watters said, concluding the bewildering debate.

Watch that crazy segment below:

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