Police: Smollett Googled Himself 50+ Times After Alleged Attack

June 25, 2019Jun 25, 2019

As the Jussie Smollett case heats up again with the upcoming appointment of a special prosecutor to examine how everything was handled, Chicago Police released juicy bits of information and new video footage on Tuesday.

According to CBS Chicago, Smollett used Google to look up one particular name over 50 times in the immediate days following the alleged attack on him by President Trump supporters.

What name? “Jussie Smollett.”

The former “Empire” actor showed an incredible amount of interest in seeing how much attention he was getting, which plays into what many people, including the police, already believe about him — that he staged the whole attack to get attention and place the blame on Trump.

Video footage was also released on Tuesday of police entering Smollett’s apartment after he reported the alleged attack. Footage from both officers’ body cams shows Smollett slowly unlooping a noose from around his neck and asking the officers to turn off their cameras (PARENTAL WARNING: Brief language).

Police also revealed video from the taxi cab ride they say Smollett’s friends, the Osundairo brothers, took to a meeting place where they staged a fake attack on Smollett at his request. The brothers are seen in the back seat wearing hoodies, which appear white in the camera’s night vision mode. One of the brothers is unmasked, and the other is wearing a mask only on the lower half of his face.

The Osundairo brothers confessed to police that Smollett paid them to attack him. They reported that the attack was supposed to take place in front of a surveillance camera, but that the camera was pointed a different direction than expected that night.

One wonders how much greater the national outrage would have been had the alleged attack been caught on video and gone viral. Footage of Rodney King getting beaten by police sparked a massive and deadly riot back in 1992.

A fourth video was released showing one of the brothers getting arrested upon arriving at the airport at Chicago O'Hare International Airport after returning from Nigeria a while after the attack.

Another video clip showed him getting processed at the jail.

Yet another video shows both brothers running from the scene, according to police.

Smollett still maintains his innocence and claims he has no idea why the Osundairo brothers attacked him. Even though the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office dropped all the charges against Smollett after police said they had a mountain of evidence proving he faked the attack, the special prosecutor could still “further prosecute Smollett” if “reasonable grounds exist” in the course of his or her investigation.

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