WHAT?! Trump Says Cohen Was Originally Planning to Write Favorable Book About Him

March 01, 2019Mar 01, 2019

President Trump’s former personal lawyer Michael Cohen has spent a lot of time in front of Congress this week bashing his former boss, calling him everything from a conman to a racist. But now the president is revealing a report that Cohen was hoping to publish a favorable book about Trump just last year.

If true, that doesn’t look great for Cohen’s already shattered trustworthiness.

“Wow, just revealed that Michael Cohen wrote a ‘love letter to Trump’ manuscript for a new book that he was pushing,” the president exclaimed on Twitter Friday morning. “Written and submitted long after Charlottesville and Helsinki, his phony reasons for going rogue. Book is exact opposite of his fake testimony, which now is a lie!”

“Congress must demand the transcript of Michael Cohen’s new book, given to publishers a short time ago,” he continued. “Your heads will spin when you see the lies, misrepresentations and contradictions against his Thursday testimony. Like a different person! He is totally discredited!”

He concluded: “Michael Cohen’s book manuscript shows that he committed perjury on a scale not seen before. He must have forgotten about his book when he testified. What does Hillary Clinton’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, say about this one. Is he being paid by Crooked Hillary. Using her lawyer?”

Davis, whose name popped up in Clinton’s private email server controversy, is Cohen’s legal adviser. Cohen is being investigated for perjury.

Politico said its unclear if Trump has seen an actual manuscript from the proposed book. Last May, the Daily Beast wrote about Cohen’s plans to reportedly publish a book tentatively titled “Trump Revolution: From The Tower to The White House, Understanding Donald J. Trump.”

According to the Beast’s sources, Cohen actually reached a deal with Hachette Book Group but called it off due to his growing legal woes.

Trump also wrote on Friday, “Oh’ I see! Now that the 2 year Russian Collusion case has fallen apart, there was no Collusion except bye [sic] Crooked Hillary and the Democrats, they say, ‘gee, I have an idea, let’s look at Trump’s finances and every deal he has ever done. Let’s follow discredited Michael Cohen and the fraudulent and dishonest statements he made on Wednesday.’”

“No way, it’s time to stop this corrupt and illegally brought Witch Hunt,” he continued. “Time to start looking at the other side where real crimes were committed. Republicans have been abused long enough. Must end now!”

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