Woman Has Baby at Chick-fil-A — Trump's Going to Love How MAGA Baby Came Into World

July 20, 2018Jul 20, 2018

A Christian woman and her husband were on their way to the hospital for the delivery of their child when they made a quick pitstop at Chick-fil-A to drop of their daughters with a friend.

The pregnant woman, Maggie, was already in active labor and needed to use the restroom badly so they asked the employees of the closed Chick-fil-A if she could use their facility. Unsurprisingly, the employees gladly accommodated the couple.

Her husband, Robert, loaded his daughters into a friend’s car and kissed them goodnight, knowing he would be in the hospital for the delivery for quite some time. He then went to look for his wife.

That’s when things started to get crazy.

When he asked the Chick-fil-A employees where his wife was, the manager responded, “She’s in the restroom and she’s screaming.”

Robert rushed into the restroom and quickly realized they would not make it to the hospital.

“So there we were.....my wife and I in a tiny stall in the bathroom, and I could see the top of our little girls head crowning as Maggie was straddling the toilet,” Robert wrote in a viral Facebook post recalling the experience. “I told Maggie, ‘sweetie, we are gonna have to do this right here, right now.’ After shouting to the manager to call 911 and to bring any clean towels, Maggie and I started delivering our baby.”

Things turned scary when Robert realized the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck twice, but he somehow was able to unwrap the cord and deliver his baby daughter.

He then wrapped up his new baby in his pro-Trump shirt.

Image source: Robert Griffin/Facebook

“With two more strong pushes, and using my shirt for a towel, out came Gracelyn Mae Violet Griffin,” Robert wrote. “Paramedics arrived 15 minutes later so we kept her warm by having the chick fil a staff warm up white towels in the kitchen and keep bringing them to us.”

The baby girl’s birth certificate apparently reads, “Born in Chick-Fil-A.

Here's your first look at the MAGA baby:

“I think it’s pretty ironic that a proud conservative, Christian family would have a baby in a Chick-Fil-A, and wrapped in a Trump 2020 T-shirt! BOOM,” Robert added.

It was certainly a night they will never forget.

Congratulations to Robert and Maggie!

Well done.

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