Thug Tries to Rob Female MMA Fighter — The After-Photo Shows It Was HUGE Mistake

January 08, 2019Jan 08, 2019

An alleged would-be-robber might have thought he was picking an easy target when he threatened a young woman waiting outside her apartment. But then he got...

Too Far? Scottish Parliament BANS ‘Gingerbread Men’ over Fears of Sexism, British Media Says

December 18, 2018Dec 18, 2018

The battle against sexism has taken a turn so extreme that even many liberals are mocking it. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the Scottish Parliament...

Israel Reacts Strongly to US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Weekly Featured Story
May 14, 2018 The US officially relocated its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Monday, strengthening the ties between the two nations. “On December 6th, 2017, at my direction, the United States finally and officially recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel. Today we follow through on this recognition and open our embassy in the historic and sacred land of Jerusalem,” said President Donald Trump in a video statement. “Today, Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s government. It is the...