Wow! MSNBC Host Actually Says Something that Makes Democrats Look Really, Really Bad

January 10, 2019Jan 10, 2019

It’s surprising when a host of the supposedly objective news network MSNBC shows some journalism chops and says something that makes Democrats look really, really bad.

Willie Geist co-hosts the “Morning Joe” show, which is known for repeatedly attacking President Trump with deep antipathy and downright loathing. He was finishing up an on-air discussion with Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) when he decided to drop a bomb on the politician’s head.

“I just want to button up our conversation about the wall,” Geist said. “Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have been indignant — they’ve been outraged — about the very idea of a wall on the border.”

“Nancy Pelosi called it immoral to put up a wall on the southern border, but as you know in 2006 there was a Secure Fence act voted for by many, many Democrats. The vote was 80 to 19 in the Senate. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and, yes, Chuck Schumer voted for that 700 miles of fence along the southern border,” he continued.

“Are they being disingenuous, are they being hypocritical now to be suddenly outraged about the very idea of a barrier along the southern border?” Geist asked Coons.

Coons tried to dodge the question, pointing out that he wasn’t in the Senate in 2006 and suggesting that Pelosi was recently referring to “some of the immoral immigration practices of this administration, dividing children from their parents at the border, treating families in ways that are profoundly risky.”

“That’s what I think is being discussed as immoral,” he concluded.

But that’s entirely not how Pelosi said it in her comments to reporters.

“The fact is, the wall is an immorality! It’s not who were are as a nation,” she said emphatically, clearing talking about a wall, not other immigration policies.

Her staff even reiterated the statement on her official Twitter account, stating, “We repeat: nothing for the ineffective, immoral and costly 'border wall.’”

Showing videos from the not-too-distant past of Obama, Hillary, and Schumer bragging about lengthening the wall has become a huge sore spot for Democrats. Conservative media analyst Mark Dice put together an astounding video compilation of those instances.

And conservative watchdog group Campus Reform played an incredible prank on anti-Trump college students by reciting pro-wall statements from Obama, Hillary, and Schumer and making them believe Trump actually said them. Their reactions when they found out the quotes were actually from Democratic leaders? Absolutely priceless.

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