YIKES: Undercover Footage Shows Texas Poll Workers Encouraging Non-Citizen to Vote

November 06, 2018Nov 06, 2018

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has been exposing a number of shading dealings among Democrats in key states leading up to the midterm elections, from an Andrew Gillum friend and staffer admitting that the Florida gubernatorial has no plans to keep many of his campaign promises to Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke’s staffers plotting to use campaign donations to fund caravan migrants.

And now Veritas’ undercover cameras have caught what clearly appears to be Texas poll workers encouraging an alleged illegal alien to vote.

“Texas Election Code makes it illegal for a poll worker to permit an ineligible voter to vote,” the Veritas video released Tuesday states.

And then it shows a disguised Veritas reporter asking poll worker Deborah Brooks-Wims, “So let’s just say that my boyfriend is a Dreamer, but he’s registered to vote. He just needs his ID, right?”

Dreamers — aka DACA recipients — aren’t legally allowed to vote. Whether or not Dreamers can legally obtain driver’s licenses is something that’s being debated state-to-state, but a driver’s license does not grant voting rights.

But the poll worker in the Veritas video said that as long as he’s registered to vote, he can if he shows an ID. The undercover journalist went back to the worker later to tell her that her boyfriend is nervous about getting in trouble for voting since he’s not a citizen.

“If he has his ID, that’s all he needs,” Whims insisted. “If he’s registered.”

“Right. It doesn’t matter that he’s not a citizen?”

“No! No, if he’s registered,” Whims replied.

When the journalist told the poll worker her boyfriend saw something “on the Internet” telling him he couldn’t vote as a non-citizen, Whims advised her, “No, don’t pay any attention to that. Bring him up here.”

“We have Dreamers voting, right?” the journalist double-checked.

Whims dodged her question, telling her again that, “If he has a voter registration card, he’s registered to vote. He has an ID. He has a driver’s license. Texas ID or passport. Bring it up here, that’s his ID. Show it to them, and then he can vote.”

Just to make sure that the polling place was ready and willing to allow a non-citizen to vote in the Texas election, the undercover Veritas reporter told poll worker Pam Nash that her boyfriend is concerned that “there’s like an issue with DACA people voting.”

Nash shook her head, “No, you can tell him no. We got a lot of ‘em.”

“You’ve got a lot of ‘em?” the journalist double-checked.

“Mmhmm,” Nash confirmed. “From early voter? We got tons of them.

“Go get him,” Nash instructed her. “Bring him in.”

“And it doesn’t matter that he’s not a citizen?”

“No, ma’am,” the worker shook her head.

Take a look:

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