‘You Don’t Have to Be Scared of Me,’ Texas State Trooper Stops 5-Year-Old Girl From Crying

June 01, 2018Jun 01, 2018

A Texas State trooper taught a 5-year-old girl an important lesson about stealing and the girl’s mother got it all on video. He had more words of wisdom to add too; “You don’t have to be  scared of me.”

Sharae Sanders-Schmitt of Jacksonville, Texas recorded a video of Corporal Tyson Metzig’s 3-minute conversation with her daughter, Xyleigh, about why stealing was wrong.

“He did not try to scare her at all!” wrote Sanders-Schmitt on Facebook. “As a matter of fact, the best words I could have heard come out of his mouth today was ‘You don’t have to be scared of me’ and ‘We all make mistakes. Even I do.’”

The video has received over 52,000 views on Facebook. Watch Corporal Metzig’s message to Xyleigh in the video below.

“Because of him, my daughter learned a valuable lesson today that she did not take heed by her parent,” Sanders-Schmitt wrote. “It takes a village to raise children and I hate that I did not get to see this police officer’s badge (I now know that it is Officer Tyson Metzig) so that I could give him a huge thank you once again!”

The video ends with a hug between the two, with Xyleigh’s tears long gone.

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